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Wayang Orang Bharata Building

The Wayang Orang Bharata theatre, located in the Pasar Senen area, Central Jakarta, was formerly the Realto or Rialto Cinema building. On the way, the building was converted into a puppet show building. The group that performed the performance in the building was the Wayang Orang Pantjamurti group. Then in 1972, Wayang Orang Pantjamurti had to leave the building. But some of the players have chosen to stay. Then, on July 5, 1972, the remaining puppet artists formed a new wayang orang group named Wayang Orang Bharata. A film artist initiated the name Bharata from IKJ, Jadup Jaya Kusuma, which comes from three syllables, namely; Bha - Ra - TA, and is an acronym for Bhawa Rasa Tala, which is interpreted as a movement that comes out of the heart accompanied by a tone or song. At that time, Wayang Orang Bharata was performed almost every day. However, in 1999, the group went on hiatus due to building renovations for six years. After that, Wayang Orang Bharata was active again and is now under the auspices of the DKI Regional Government through the DKI Jakarta Provincial Culture Service.

The Wayang Orang Bharata Building displays a puppet show. The arts community can use this building for other artistic activities such as dance practice, theatre, or performing arts.

Building Address: Jl. Kali Lio No.15, RT.10/RW.4, Senen, Senen Subdistrict, Central Jakarta, 10410

Contact Person: 0882-1239-6473

Building Capacity: max. 250 people

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