Tikim Shirt and Pangsi Pants

Ever seen an all-black outfit worn by a silat player, Mom?

The clothes are tikim shirt and pangsi pants, traditional Betawi clothing.

Later, it was better known as pangsi shirt.

A round neck and long sleeves characterize this outfit.

The body is made loose.

The pants are made to hang down to make it look simpler.

The tikim shirt and pangsi pants are clothes influenced by Chinese culture.

The tikim shirt comes from the Hokkien word "tui kim," and the pangsi pants from the word "Phang si," adapted from the traditional clothing of the Chinese in Batavia.

The tikim shirt and pangsi pants used by traditional Betawi people in the past were generally worn by farmers, warriors, champions, martial artists or punchers.

Nowadays, apart from martial arts players, this shirt is still worn by older people of Betawi descent as daily clothing.

The colors have also varied; apart from black, there are also red and green.


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