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The Excellent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is Designated as a National Cultural Heritage


The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, through the DKI Jakarta Cultural Department (Disbud), appreciates the determination of two collections of paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, namely the Bride of Revolution Painting by Hendra Gunawan and the Prambanan/Seko Painting by S. Sudjojono as National Cultural Heritage Objects. This Cultural Conservation Object is determined by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cultural Department, Iwan Henry Wardhana, said the determination of the two collections of paintings had gone through several review processes, starting from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cultural Heritage Expert Team to the National Cultural Heritage Expert Team.

“This results from efforts and commitments to increase the collection of Cultural Conservation in museums managed by the DKI Jakarta provincial government. The Revolutionary Bridal Painting and Prambanan/Seko Painting have featured collections at the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum which show events in the post-independence period of Indonesia," said Iwan in Jakarta Friday (11/04).

Furthermore, Iwan explained that this determination was contained in the Decree of the Minister of Education and Technology Number 415/M/2022 concerning the Determination of Cultural Conservation Objects Hendra Gunawan's Revolutionary Bridal Painting and S. Sudjojono's Prambanan/Seko Paintings as Cultural Heritage Objects of National Rank. In addition to being the flagship collection of the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, the two paintings are also one of the best works of Indonesian painting maestros Hendra Gunawan and S. Sudjojono.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Art Museum Management Unit, Sri Kusumawati, also expressed her happiness and appreciation for the determination of 2 (two) excellent collections belonging to the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum as Cultural Conservation Objects of National Rank. Sri hopes this determination can spur an increase in the number of collections of Cultural Conservation, both Regional Cultural Conservation and National Rank Cultural Conservation and their preservation.

"We hope that in the future there will be more museum collections designated as Regional Cultural Conservation Objects and National Cultural Heritage Objects. The determination of Hendra Gunawan's collection of Revolutionary Bridal Paintings and S. Sudjojono's Prambanan/Seko Paintings as National Grade Cultural Heritage is also expected to encourage us to increase efforts to preserve, protect, develop, and utilize museum collections," added Sri.

For information, Hendra Gunawan is one of the masters of Indonesian painting who presents Indonesian painting in his own style. He painted the factual conditions of the Indonesian people at that time, such as showing the events and people around them at close range. Hendra Gunawan also fought during the Revolution.

The painting Bride of the Revolution by Hendra Gunawan was painted in 1955, and one of his best works carries the theme of Revolution. The sketch of this painting was made in 1945 and was inspired by the recording of a wedding event that Hendra Gunawan saw in person somewhere in Karawang, West Java.

The Painting Bride of the Revolution depicts a bride and groom who come from the common people, but their wedding costumes are unusual. The groom's jacket is an army jacket, while the bride's dress is a costume borrowed from Betawi mask dancers. The groom pushes the bicycle, and the bride sits on the metal frame. This bridal couple was followed by a procession of a group of people and tanjidor players. When the incident occurred, the bride and groom became the center of attention among the freedom fighters, including Hendra Gunawan. The painting Bride of the Revolution was first presented to the public in 1957 at the Des Indes Hotel, Jakarta.

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