Superhuman Art Inclusive Painting Exhibition at TIM Followed by 23 Young Artists

YAYASAN Danuraja Kreasi Indonesia, in synergy with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's Cultural Department, held an Inclusive Painting Exhibition which was attended by 23 young Inclusive artists with special needs with the theme "Superhuman Art" (Atas Rasa Tjinta).

The exhibition was also held to coincide with National Heroes' Day and Taman Ismail Marzuki's 55th anniversary.

The inauguration of the ceremonial event was carried out by Jakarta Secretary's Welfare Assistant Widyastuti, who was accompanied by Head of Cultural Department Iwan Henry Wardhana and Chairman of Danuraja Kreasi Indonesia Foundation Zeyn Kamal at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Central Jakarta, Friday (11/10).

"This exhibition is open for three days on November 10-12, 2023 for the public, free of charge, visitors can see and enjoy inclusive paintings painted by young inclusive artists, whose work has received appreciation both domestically and abroad," Zeyn explained in a statement, Saturday (11/11).

"Some of their works have even been sold for hundreds of millions of rupiah to billions of rupiah. That way they can raise the prestige of their work and inclusive artists to a higher level to socialize and publish it to the world," Zeyn explained.

After Selection, 23 Young Artists' Works Exhibited

The preparation and selection of the 23 young inclusive artists underwent a process by two experienced art curators, Dr. Budi Waluyo, DRs, MsN and Dr Muchammad Bayu Tejo Sampurno.

After selection, 23 artists were selected to showcase their paintings at the 'Superhuman Art' event.

"The young inclusive artists include Salman, Dewa, Yeti, Caca, Ridho, Rayen, and others who are all young inclusive artists with special needs," added Zeyn.

Visitors can see beautiful and artful paintings by inclusive artists, including Rodhi Mahfur.

Rodhi is an artist with a disability who works with sketches. In this exhibition, he displayed seven paintings of Indonesian Presidents, from President Soekarno to President Jokowi, which he painted in three days for each painting.

Rodhi explained, "With exhibition events like this, we inclusive and disabled artists feel appreciated, because our works can be widely recognized and enjoyed by art lovers and can help friends with the same conditions.".

"Our hope is that the work of these young inclusive artists will provide endless inspirational benefits for connoisseurs and visitors to the exhibition," explained Zeyn.

"Let us increase our efforts and sincerity in honoring the name of the Indonesian nation in the fields we pursue, including young inclusive artists who have grasped the power of love from each of their works," he said.

"Hopefully the knowledge that we have been working on so far, becomes part of our deeds of worship and the Danuraja Kreasi Indonesia Foundation is a forum for Inclusive "Superhuman" both in fine arts, dance, music and other arts and hopefully the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cultural Department and the Danuraja Kreasi Indonesia Foundation will always join hands to work together in Inclusive synergy," concluded Zeyn. (RO/S-4)


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