Betawi Traditional Games

Playing Galasin at the North Jakarta Mayor's Office

North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim and employee representatives played galasin, a traditional Betawi game, at the North Jakarta Mayor's Office on Friday.

The activity was in order to enliven the 496th Anniversary of DKI Jakarta. "This is the second day of the celebration of DKI Jakarta's 496th Anniversary, and we are enlivening it by holding various traditional game competitions," Ali said.

Ali and his team played galasin or gobak sodor. According to him, running skills are needed to win the game.

The point of the game is to block the opposing team from passing through the line to the last row back and forth.

To win, all team members must run back and forth on the designated field.

The rectangular West Plaza of the North Jakarta Mayor's Office was divided into six sections. The boundary lines of each section are marked with white and red chalk.


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