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Miss Tjitjih Art Building

This took the name of the performing arts building from a theatre performer from Sumedang named Nyi Tjitjih. As a teenager, Nyi Tjitjih still plays theatre in his native area. Until then, he met the Valencia Opera Group—a travelling theatre troupe from East Java, led by Sayyed Aboebakar Bafaqih, who happened to be on tour in West Java and stopped in Sumedang in 1926. Interested in her performance on stage, Bafaqih invited Nyi Tijtih, a student at the time. Eighteen years old to join the playgroup he leads. Nyi Tjitjih accepted Bafaqih's invitation, and the Valencia Opera group later changed its name to Sandiwara Miss Tjitjih. After the name change, the group multiplied, and Nyi Tjitjih grew in popularity.

In 1928, this group moved to Jakarta. In 1951, the Miss Tjitjih play got a place at Jalan Kramat Raya No.43, Central Jakarta. In those days, the theatre troupe reached its golden peak. Almost every day, Sandiwara Miss Tjitjih performs performances and attracts audiences from various regions outside Jakarta. In addition, many parties positively appreciated the Miss Tjitjih Drama group, which was considered to have preserved traditional arts. After the death of Miss Tjitjih and Bafaqih, this theatre group moved places. It is because the original location, which was on Jalan Kramat Raya No.43, Central Jakarta, was sold by the heirs. Harun Bafagih, the only child of Abu Bakar Bafagih with an artistic soul, decided to continue in his father's footsteps. She restarted the Miss Tjitjih Play by building a place on Jalan Stasiun Angke, No. 2 West Jakarta. However, in 1987, the site was evicted. After the group formed the Foundation, the DKI Jakarta Government built the Miss Tjitjih Art Building in the Cempaka Baru area, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. The building is under the auspices of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Office. Apart from being used for performances, the Miss Tjitjih Performing Arts Building is also commonly used for theatre rehearsals and other artistic activities.

Building Address: Jl. Kabel Pendek, RT.9/RW.2, Cemp. Baru, Kemayoran Subdistrict, Central Jakarta, 10640

Contact Person: 0851-5626-8158

Building Capacity: max. 250 people

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