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Introducing Maritime Tribe Culture, DKI Jakarta Cultural Department Appreciates Temporary Exhibition: ART. THE FACT!



NUMBER: 3758/SP-HMS/12/2022

( Tourism & Culture )

December 03, 2022


JAKARTA - The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, through the DKI Jakarta Cultural Department (Disbud), appreciates the launch of a temporary exhibition themed “Art. The Fact!: Maritime Tribe of the Archipelago” which was held by the Jakarta Maritime Museum. The exhibition, with the target of children and families, is open from 2 December 2022 to 2 March 2023 in the Temporary Exhibition Room, 1st floor, Building A, Maritime Museum, North Jakarta.

Art. The. Fact! is a series of temporary exhibition activities organized by visualizing museum narratives into art media installations. This exhibition will show how Indonesia's maritime tribe is manifested through cultural materials and art illustration installations.

Head of DKI Jakarta Cultural Department, Iwan Henry Wardhana, said the exhibition about maritime tribes aims to introduce various maritime tribal cultures and their influence on global change and understand the traditional values ​​of archipelago maritime tribes in practicing lifestyles.

"Through this exhibition, it is hoped that the public can disseminate information and enrich insights through tangible and intangible collections related to the culture of the maritime tribes of the archipelago. In addition, this is also so that the younger generation is motivated to continue to preserve culture and awaken a sense of love for the rich history of the nation," said Iwan in Jakarta Saturday (3/12).

The Head of the Jakarta Maritime Museum Management Unit, Mis'ari, said his party works with artists to respond to issues of inclusivity and challenges of global change. Besides that, Mis'ari noted, the main focus of this exhibition is how the response from maritime tribes can be conveyed.

"Not only through narration, but also visualized through illustrations that can be understood in the simplest language possible, namely language for children. We hope that this exhibition can become a place for children to learn in museums and it is hoped that children can respond in an appropriate way interactive through the interactive points that we provide," said Ari.

Furthermore, Mis'ari said local wisdom by utilizing nature with a sustainable lifestyle carried out by maritime tribes has been carried out for a long time. However, visualization of narratives regarding the local wisdom of maritime tribes is still minimal. For example, the local knowledge of the Lamalera tribe, which carries out whaling with the principle of sustainability so that the balance of nature is maintained, and the Mandar tribe, which utilizes natural resources such as sea shells but still upholds sustainability.

"Therefore, we are dedicated to conveying this information through exhibitions which are expected to be able to describe the culture of sustainable environmental management, to the tools they use to carry out their local traditions, and other relevant visualizations," added Ari.

Please note this temporary exhibition is curated by Dr. Supratikno Rahardjo (Archaeologist at the University of Indonesia), Hilman Handoni (Museologist at the University of Indonesia), Burhanudin Aziz, M.Hum. (Independent Researcher), and Abdul Rahman Hamid. In addition, the artistic designers who have given their touch to this exhibition are Zamrud Setya Negara and Tunggul Setiawan from the National Gallery of Indonesia.

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