Get to know the Balinese Language


Who doesn't know Kampung Bali? This village's name was the place where the Balinese lived in Batavia.

At that time, VOC Governor General Jan Pieterzoon Coen built the city of Batavia by bringing in people from various regions, one of whom was Balinese.

According to Ratnawati Anhar, the number of Balinese in Batavia in 1683 reached 14,259 people.

Until now, the Balinese tribe has become a cultural treasure in DKI Jakarta. Likewise, Balinese is the language that is still used by Balinese people in DKI Jakarta.

Come on, let's get to know Balinese vocabulary:

Bli - Male
Mbok - Female
Numbas - Buy
Matur Suksma - Thank you
Wastan Titiang - My name
Rahajeng Rawuh - Welcome
Kenken Kabare/Punapi Gatra - How are you
Kuda Hargane - How much
Ngiring Ngajeng - Let’s eat
Ngudiang - What are you doing
Jaen - Delicious
Dija - Where
Saking - From

Source: Compiled from various sources

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