Get to know ‘Sie’ in Betawi Marriage Tradition

Credit: DKI Jakarta Cultural Department

In traditional Betawi marriages, the term ‘Ngerudat’ is known when the groom's family visits the bride's family.

The family procession usually carries a series of offerings such as crocodile bread, ‘pesalin’ (a new set of clothes for gifts), and Sie.

Sie is a rectangular wooden box with Chinese-style carvings. Sie is carried on the shoulders of two people.

It measures about 120 cm x 90 cm. Sie contains raw food, such as rice, side dishes, vegetables, fruits and ‘kekudang,’ which is an item, food or anything that is very favored by the bride-to-be from childhood to adulthood typical of Betawi.

Sie, carried by the groom's entourage, symbolizes the readiness of a man who will be married.

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