Get to know Ambonese-Malay


The existence of Ambonese in DKI Jakarta has existed since the colonial era. This is proven by the presence of Kampung Ambon in Rawamangun, East Jakarta, since 1619.

According to history, Governor General JP Coen went to Maluku seeking assistance by adding troops from the people of Ambon. These troops were then stationed in Batavia, which is now Kampung Ambon.

Therefore, the Ambonese language is one of the languages ​​that developed in Jakarta. Let's get to know the Ambonese language's vocabulary or Ambonese-Malay.

Beta - I
Ale, ose - You
Katong - We
Kamong - You (plural)
Makang - Eat
Dangke - Thank you
Seng - No
Parlente - Lie
Pi - Go
Paparipi - Hurried
rekeng - Count
Bagara - M​​ove
Badonci - Play music
Bae - Good
Voor - For
Paitua - Husband
Maitua - Wife
Mungare - Youth

Source: Compiled from various sources.


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