Condet Cultural Center Building Reopened

After three months of renovation, the Condet Cultural Hall Building on Balai Rakyat No.88 Street, Balekambang Village, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, was officially reopened on Saturday (11/11).

The opening ceremony was enlivened by the Condet Cultural Festival, featuring cultural arts, Wayang Golek performances, and the planting of Condet Salak trees in the building's garden area.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Cultural Department, Iwan Henry Wardhana, said the renovation was carried out as a form of the city's commitment to improve the quality of the performance hall while preserving culture.

"The Balai Budaya Condet building is back with a new appearance and higher-quality facilities," he said.

He invited the public to participate in maintaining the facilities and infrastructure in this building so that the cultural arts can continue to exist.

"Let's enrich cultural life together at the Condet Cultural Center Building," he exclaimed.

Head of the Cultural Arts Performance Building Management Unit of the DKI Jakarta Cultural Department, Encu Suhani, added that conceptually, the shape of the building remains the same, but several facilities are repaired and added.

"The concept of the building remains the same, but some facilities are improved and added, such as special facilities, disabilities, transit facilities, and others," he said.

He conveyed that the Condet Arts Building, which is now transformed into the Condet Cultural Center, was built for local culturists and the public, including cultural arts actors from outside Condet.

Condet Community Leader Iwan Setiawan expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Cultural Department for renovating the Condet Arts Building and changing its name to the Condet Culture Center so that its local character is deeper.

"Let's be friends who are active in the cultural arts; we enliven and utilize this building; it's useless to beautify it if it's not utilized," he concluded.

Source: beritajakarta id.

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