Towong Night: The Ritual of 'Cast Out' Satan After Ramadan

On one of the last ten nights of Ramadan, there is a night called the Towong by the Betawi community. On the night of Towong, it is time for people to light torches in every corner of their house, or in dark places. Some Betawi people have traditionally believed that the demons who have been chained since the 1st of Ramadan have begun to be released again. At that time the devil will tempt humans again.

For teachers or religious leaders in the Betawi community, Towong night means remembering the history of human failure to face temptation for the first time. Towong night is a warning for humans not to repeat the mistakes of the first human in the world, Adam. There are even words in Betawi that say something like this, "Awas lu jangan sampe persis bapak lu si Nabi Adam, ye!" (Watch out, don't be like your father, the Prophet Adam, ok!)

The story of the Prophet Adam becomes an inspiration and is presented at the Towong night ritual because it is considered to have a correlation with fasting as an exercise to refrain from temptation and realize the presence of God.

The Towong night is also a symbol of the Betawi people when hell is re-presented and how they must escape from a realm full of demons, and then return to heaven which was once bestowed upon Adam. The Towong night reminds the most basic thing so that Adam's children and grandchildren are safe from the possibility of falling into the same sin or temptation. The Towong night not only trains self-restraint, but also trains to realize that God is present in life.

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