Betawi Traditional Games

The Game of Gobak Sodor

The gobak sodor game is one of the traditional games that is very popular, especially among the Betawi people. The essence of the game is to prevent the opponent from passing through the line to the last line back and forth, and to achieve victory, all group members must complete the process of going back and forth in a predetermined field area.

This game is usually played on a badminton court with reference to the existing lines or it could be by using a rectangular court with a size of 9 x 4 m which is divided into 6 parts. The boundaries of each section are usually marked with chalk.

The guard lines are made with chalk like a badminton court, except that there are no double lines. The Gobak Sodor game is played by two teams, each team consists of 3-5 people or can be adjusted according to the number of participants. One team will be the team keeping the line and the other team will be the team that has to cross the line.

The team that gets a turn to guard the line will guard vertically and horizontally. For horizontal line guards, their job is to try to block their opponents who are also trying to cross the boundary line that has been determined as the free line. For someone who has the task of maintaining the vertical boundary line, his/her job is to maintain the entire vertical boundary line which is located in the middle of the court.

Meanwhile, the team that crosses the lines must try to pass from line to line to the last line, then go back through the opponent's guard to get to the starting line. The team that crosses the lines tries to reach the finish line on condition that the guard team is not touched and no team members are still in the starting area.

The opposing team is said to have won if one of the team members managed to return to the starting line safely (untouched by the opposing team). The team is said to lose if one of its members is touched by the "guard" team or goes outside the specified field boundary line. If this happens, a position change will be made.

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