Nyambat: Activities to Invite Residents to Work Together

Among the Betawi people there is a custom that has been carried out for generations, namely Nyambat. Nyambat is an activity carried out by someone inviting others to do heavy work that cannot be done alone. In the past, Nyambat activities were usually carried out for agricultural activities, such as plowing the fields, hoeing or planting rice until harvesting. However, for now it has shifted and is usually done in the construction of public facilities, houses of worship such as mosques. This Nyambat activity is one part of Betawi people's habit, Gotong Royong.

All the work that is done with Nyambat is voluntary without being paid. Those who invite Nyambat only provide basic food and drinks, even those who help also contribute to the consumption of these activities. The terms in Nyambat activities in general is that if there are residents who will invite Nyambat to a farming or gardening event, they usually distribute cigarettes to each resident who will be invited to Nyambat three or five days earlier before the Nyambat execution.

Residents who have been given cigarettes are required to attend Nyambat. If a resident is unable to attend, because there is a more important event or a sudden illness, the resident must notify the person who invited the guest.

Meanwhile, women also take part in this Nyambat activity. They usually prepare food by cooking, then delivering it to the Nyambat participants.
One of the unique forms of Nyambat is the mutual cooperation and distribution of the results of the Nyambat activity itself. For example, in the Nyambat activity for agricultural purposes, when the harvest arrives, provisions for the distribution of the harvest are enforced. The distribution of the harvest uses a ratio of 3: 1: 1, where 2/3 of the share belongs to the land owner, 1/3 is the right of the participants and 1/3 of the share is for maintenance costs.

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