Ngerudat: Groom's Entourage Heading to Bride's House

In the Betawi traditional wedding ceremony there are several series of rituals and activities carried out. Starting from the marriage proposal event to the wedding reception. One of the series of events or traditional Betawi wedding rituals is the process of preparing the groom to go to the bride's house, along with his entourage and offerings.

In general, the Betawi groom entourage will bring some offerings such as a dowry, a pair of crocodile bread, salted eggs, pineapple betel, wedding cake, fruits, and kekudang (an item and food that the bride-to-be likes from childhood to adulthood).

One of the characteristics of this ngerudat tradition is a pair of crocodile bread. Crocodile bread is a symbol of loyalty where the bride and groom are expected to be faithful to each other like a crocodile who only mates once in a lifetime.

Some of the people who participate in the groom's entourage are, two middle-aged men dressed in serebet cloth coats who served as spokespersons. Two fighters (pesilat) as bodyguards for the prospective master-in-law dressed in pangsi. The prospective son-in-law is dressed in a serebet cloth suit, flanked by his uncle and aunt from the father and mother.

Then there is a group of rebana (tambourines) and ketimpring or rebana ngarak. Three young men wearing sadariah clothes bring betel pineapple proposal, dowry and decorative pineapple betel. Three young men bring a miniature mosque, a kekudang, and a wedding cake. Some youths bring crocodile bread, and so on. This procession is also accompanied by the reading of salawat as a prayer so that the ceremony gets a blessing.

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