Malam Pacar: Beautify the Bride's Hands Before the Wedding Day

Malam Pacar (henna night) is one of a series of rituals in Betawi traditional weddings. The Malam Pacar ceremony is held the night before the wedding day. In this Betawi wedding ritual, the bride-to-be decorates her fingernails and toes with henna. This is done so that the prospective bride can look beautiful on her wedding day. Previously, the procession of potong centung and ngerik bulu kalong was carried out, namely removing some of the bride's fuzz using coins and scissors. Malam Pacar is usually held after the proposal, pingitan, and siraman.

The series of henna night rituals, potong centung and ngerik bulu kalong is identical to a steam bath, which aims to clean the traces or remnants of body scrub that are still left in the skin pores on the body of the bride-to-be. The whole process at the Malam Pacar procession, potong centung and ngerik bulu kalong is carried out by traditional groomer called pengenten.

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