Betawi Traditional Games

Bleduran, Betawi Traditional Game During Ramadan

Every month of Ramadan the Bleduran game is always played by Betawi children in ancient times. Bleduran or some call it the Sundut Cannon game, was inspired by the Dutch combat cannons during the colonial period. This game is generally done by teenage boys to adults because it has a relatively high level of risk.

The playing time is usually at night, after the tarawih prayer until before dawn, during the fasting month. The way to play is to insert explosives into the base of the blend, which is installed tilted about 10-20 cm above the ground.

After that, the end of the bleduran barrel is covered with a wet cloth so that the carbide or kerosene vapor does not come out. To make the sound louder, the hood is covered with a finger or other covering tool for one to five minutes before burning it with fire.

To be able to play bleduran, you need some equipment, namely an old bamboo petung with a diameter of 10 to 17 cm and a length of about 1 meter with several segments. The first segment is intentionally not made a hole. While the second and third segments are given two barrel-shaped holes with a width of 10 centimeters and 1 centimeter as a place to burn explosives, namely carbide or kerosene.

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