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Bentengan, Exciting and Fun Traditional Games

Lovers of digital games or online games installed on mobile phones are certainly familiar with the game Mobile Legends. This game in principle is to defend the territory or fortress of power from the opponent's attack. Apparently, this type of game already exists in its real form, namely the traditional Betawi game 'Bentengan'.

"Benteng / Bentengan" is one of the traditional group games that require agility, running speed and a strategy. This game is one of the traditional games that is very good for exercising. This is because each player must run to guard the fort and capture the opponent. The main objective of this fort game is to attack and take over the opponent's "benteng (fort/ base)".

Groups must be divided into two and each group consists of 4-8 people. Then, decide where to play this game. It is highly recommended to choose a large area because players have to run a lot when playing Bentengan.

Not only taking over the fort, the group can also win if it manages to put all opponents in 'prison'. The way to get your opponent into prison is to touch their body. People who have been imprisoned can also be released by the way one of their friends in the group touches the body of the imprisoned person. The prison is located in the vicinity of the fort.

Even though it looks easy, this Bentengan game requires strategy to win. The recommended strategy is where each group member gets a task, ranging from spying to being a decoy. A spy is to keep an eye on an opponent who hasn't touched the fort in a long time.

The decoys are tasked with luring opponents out of the safe area. The guard in charge of guarding his own fort so as not to be touched by the enemy. The attacker must try to find a gap in order to immediately touch the opponent's fortress.

If each member of the group can understand their task well, then this game of fort can be easily played and your group will emerge as the winner.

Benefits of Playing Fortress
Traditional games always offer more benefits than digital games. Here are the benefits obtained from playing fortification:
  • Practice running speed and agility
  • Increase endurance because fortification is a game that trains physically and is the same as doing sports
  • Cultivate cooperation and cohesiveness in groups
  • Make children more active and reduce the risk of obesity due to lack of movement.

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