Andilan Tradition: Slaughtering Buffalo Before Eid

In every celebration of Eid al-Fitr, every region has traditions or customs that are always carried out. Among the Betawi people there is a tradition of friendship called Andilan. Andilan is a hereditary tradition carried out by Betawi residents in establishing friendships.

In this tradition, people usually slaughter a buffalo. The buffalo was bought before the month of Ramadan and cared for in mutual cooperation by the villagers. Villagers pay a fee or joint venture to buy the buffalo which is then guarded together by them.

The way the villagers take care of the buffalo is by herding it and placing it in a large field, and during the month of Ramadan the villagers will take care of it. Then, two days before Eid, the buffalo is slaughtered and the meat is distributed equally to villagers who have paid their dues.

When slaughtering buffalo, all villagers are expected to be involved. Community participation in Andilan is a form of friendship. Buffalo meat that has been cut then processed into various foods, such as stews and rendang which will be a dish during Eid. One of the reasons the Betawi people do this tradition is as a form of gotong royong, mutual cooperation and sharing among them.

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