Troktok Silat Martial Arts: A Betawi Silat Legacy from Ulama

The silat martial arts from the land of Betawi are so many. One of the famous martial arts in Betawi is the Troktok martial arts. This martial art was first popularized by KH Marzuki or commonly called Guru Marzuk or Guru Tua. He lived in the area of Rawa Kidang, Pesisir Barat, Tangerang.

There are those who call the Troktok silat style the silat Langkah (step). It is called Troktok silat because the moves are played by constantly moving totokan. Because of running the move while moving or stepping, there are those who call the Troktok silat as the step silat.

Troktok silat style, consists of four (4) moves. The four basic moves are also known as wind moves, or mosquito slap moves. Kick move, Deprok move, Snap move, and Kick Seliwa move. Then after mastering the four basic moves, it will be continued with Steps. In addition, there are also five steps that must be mastered by troktok fighters. The first step is called the tiger silo step, the second and third steps are called the kurung step. The fourth step is totok or Colong. The fifth step is divided into two, namely Sangkol and Etes Step.

In learning troktok silat one must know the steps mentioned earlier. However, from steps 1 to 5, the last step taught to troktok fighter are steps 2 and 1. This is because Troktok silat has its own philosophical value. Troktok Silat was popularized by a moslem scholar. So if we want to perfect this knowledge, however, we must read the two sentences of the creed. While Step 1 which is used as a closing move is a philosophical that everything belongs to Allah SWT.

After being able to master the four basic moves and the five steps, then they are given a welcome movement or application of the moves and steps that have been learned. In Troktok silat, the welcoming motion has terms such as Kancut/Snaps, Broken Legs, Choking, Scissors, Seams, Menjiret, Broken Waist, Junjang, Sabet Legs, and many more.

If a student is considered to have passed the 4 (four) Basic moves and 5 (five) Steps, the student will be given the ultimate move called Ngonde. The term Ngonde is when we can take “onde” cake with two fingers, either from the right hand or left hand, and put it in the mouth immediately, then the fighter is considered to have passed and has mastered the ultimate move in the Troktok silat style.


“Manusia tanpa cita-cita adalah mati. Cita-cita tanpa kerja adalah mimpi. Idaman yang menjadi andalan adalah kebahagiaan.”
- Ali Sadikin -
Gubernur DKI Jakarta 1966 - 1977
“Emang rejeki kagak kemane, tapi kalo lo gak kemane-mane mana mau dapet rejeki.”
- H. Benyamin Sueb -
Seniman Betawi