Get to know Tangas, a Betawi-style Spa Treatment

In Indonesia, especially in Java, it is known Lulur as a traditional skin treatment. Many beauty salons have introduced Lulur as a traditional skin treatment. Lulur itself is a traditional treatment from Java that used to be done by the princesses of the king and is also known as ngadi saliro.

In addition to Lulur, in Indonesia there are many traditional treatment methods, one of which is from Betawi named Tangas. Tangas is a skin treatment aimed at brides-to-be.

This traditional treatment is done by steaming using natural ingredients in the form of spices which aims to eliminate body odor, smoothen, scent, relax muscles, and refresh the body. Furthermore, this Tangas treatment includes stretching, body cleansing or foot washing, massage, and body scrub. Perhaps, it can be said that Tangas is a Betawi-style skin treatment or spa.

In addition to skin care for the bride and groom, Tangas is also for the care of pregnant women, after giving birth. The ingredients for the ritual use leaves and typical Betawi spices.

The spices used for Betawi Tangas are roses, jasmine flowers, kantil flowers, ginger, limes, pandan leaves, nutmeg seeds and lemongrass. There is one more special ingredient, namely 'Tangas Betawi' essential oil.

These ingredients are mixed in one container, then a few drops of 'tangas Betawi' essential oil are added and then used for the last stage, or a steam bath. This process is the culmination of all Betawi tangas treatment.

This evaporation process takes about 30 minutes. When the spices are boiled, the body will be in a sitting position and then wrapped with a cloth so that the steam can seep into the skin pores. This treatment is useful for removing unpleasant odors on the body, refreshing and tightening the skin.

But, over time, this treatment is also in demand by many women in general who want to refresh and soothe the body. Moreover, this series of Tangas Betawi treatments is intended for relaxation, blood circulation, refreshing the body due to the use of spices, and detoxification.

That's why this treatment is suitable for residents of the capital who have high mobility, because the Tangas Betawi treatment can also relax the muscles, especially around the legs and back.


“Manusia tanpa cita-cita adalah mati. Cita-cita tanpa kerja adalah mimpi. Idaman yang menjadi andalan adalah kebahagiaan.”
- Ali Sadikin -
Gubernur DKI Jakarta 1966 - 1977
“Emang rejeki kagak kemane, tapi kalo lo gak kemane-mane mana mau dapet rejeki.”
- H. Benyamin Sueb -
Seniman Betawi