Funeral Cart at Taman Prasasti Cemetery

Credit: DKI Jakarta Cultural Department

Taman Prasasti Museum is located on Jalan Tanah Abang Number 1, Gambir District, Central Jakarta. Precisely in front of the Central Jakarta Mayor's Office.

Taman Prasasti Museum is one of the cultural heritage museums in DKI Jakarta, inaugurated on July 9, 1977.

Initially, the Taman Prasasti Museum area was a public cemetery known as Kebon Jahe Kober Cemetery, built in 1795.

This cemetery was to replace the cemetery next to the Nieuw Hollandsche Kerk church - now the Wayang Museum.

Taman Prasasti Museum has a collection of statues, tombs of officials and figures of the colonial period and many ancient gravestones.

In addition, there are three horse-drawn carriages displayed side by side. The most interesting of the three is the funeral carriage.

This carriage was once used to carry the bodies of President Soekarno and Vice President Mohammad Hatta.

Not only that but near the entrance, there is also a coffin that the first President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia used.

Some figures buried in the Taman Prasasti Museum area include Dr. H.F. Roll, the founder of STOVIA or Medical School during the Dutch occupation, Olivia Mariamne Raffles, wife of Thomas Stamford Raffles, former Governor of the Dutch East Indies and founder of the Bogor Botanical Garden and Soe Hok Gie, an activist and nature lover.

Credit: DKI Jakarta Cultural Department

Credit: DKI Jakarta Cultural Department