Come and Learn Batik at the Textile Museum

Credit: DKI Jakarta Cultural Department

The Textile Museum collects various batik cloths and provides a batik room for visitors.

Visitors can learn batik at the Batik Museum Textile Hall. In this pavilion, all batik facilities have been provided, from cloth and canting to candles and coloring materials for batik.

There are two ways to make batik: with painting techniques and with stamp/printing.

For written batik, participants will be taught to make patterns from what has been prepared or can draw them themselves, and then the pattern is drawn using a canting with melted wax or wax. The next stage is the coloring process.

Of course, visitors can bring home their works as a souvenir after visiting the Textile Museum.

For operating hours, Pedopo Batik is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 3 pm.