Work Culture

Organizational culture

The Organizational Culture of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cultural Department is a Work Culture that is implemented in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as stated in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Governor Regulation Number 54 of 2020 concerning Work Culture.
The Work Culture Values ​​of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government consist of :

  1. Integrity means that there is harmony between words and actions by upholding the principles, rules, and norms that apply.
  2. Collaborative means working with all stakeholders to achieve common goals by forming teams and building effective partnerships.
  3. Accountable means carrying out the work completely and can be accounted for in accordance with performance targets.
  4. Innovative means creating innovative ideas to improve service quality through evaluation, problem-solving and continuous improvement.
  5. Fairness means caring/sensitivity to ensure that the rights of various parties can be accommodated.


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